URR Competencies

After a competitive process, NACE awarded the CSP Team NACE’s project to develop University Relations and Recruiting (URR) Competencies. This assignment will create professional job competencies for URR individuals that will align with the NACE-URR Professional Standards developed in 2012 for organizations.

Jeff Goodman, CSP Managing Partner, is serving as project team manager. You may recall that NACE selected Jeff in 2012 to develop the NACE Professional Standards for University Relations and Recruiting. The NACE Professional Standards have been widely acclaimed for their benefit and value by many NACE members.

NACE Competencies Advisory Council

For the competencies project, Jeff pulled together a team of NACE member advisors and CSP team associates who are researching and developing the NACE-URR competencies. NACE recognizes this important need to provide guidance on best practices for its URR member professionals.The project team is working expeditiously to meet NACE’s timeline for the competencies to be published late spring/summer 2016.

The NACE Competencies Advisors represent various organizations including Fortune 500 companies, smaller employers, government entities, private consultancies and the non-profit world. This broad representation will provide a full range of proficiencies necessary to excel in the URR field and help organizations advance in their recruiting efforts and university relationships.

The CSP competencies project team is performing a much needed service for our members – codifying URR professional competencies that will align with NACE Professional Standards for URR. This work will help NACE members “up their game” in recruiting the very best qualified students for their companies and deepen employer relationships with our university partners. – Jeff Goodman, NACE project team lead, CSP Managing Partner

How Competencies will Advance URR Professionals

The NACE Competencies will advantage URR professionals and organizations in many ways. At various career levels the competencies will, among other benefits:

  • Clearly delineate knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes, qualifications, and the expertise of URR professionals necessary for specific roles;
  • Identify expected employee performance results, methods for URR professionals to self-assess their own competence, and ways to assess the competency levels of employees under supervision; and
  • Identify paths and areas for individual professional development and growth

Look for your opportunity in late April to comment on the draft NACE competencies. CSP and the project team will seek comments from NACE membership through a public forum platform where the competencies may be reviewed and opportunity will be provided for feedback.

As a recipient of The CSP Letter and as a NACE member you will get early notice of our progress and the precise review opportunity. Of course, as a CSP Letter recipient you will also have the advantage of blog postings in upcoming months that will discuss various research findings and some key URR Competencies.

To learn more about the NACE-URR Competencies Project or to talk with a CSP consultant about ways to enhance your URR staff’s results, please contact Jeff Goodman at 972-616-3111.

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