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If you want to learn more about how we can help you with university relations and recruiting (UR&R), you’re in the right place. 

Strategy & Program Design

A-Z of building or improving college recruiting strategies and tactics

Branding & Employer Value Proposition

Brand and employer value proposition development or refinement


Tailored coursework development and facilitation for any or all of the key stakeholders based on specific needs


Customized research studies to enable the best data-based decisions regarding UR&R programs

Strategy & Program design

Overall strategic planning for campus recruiting programs

Current state assessment

This is an excellent place to start for improving an existing UR&R program. We can audit your current state processes, gather internal and external perceptions about your program, create a gap analysis, and recommend process improvements to assist in creating a go-forward strategy.

Strategic planning

One of the foundational steps to ensure a sound UR&R program is establishing a solid program infrastructure. This includes a good business case, UR&R structure, budgeting and compensation, vision/mission/values statements, and SWOT analysis. We can facilitate an on-site workshop with key stakeholders to assist you through your strategic planning.

Strategic school selection

We strongly suggest to our clients that they periodically analyze existing university relationships, evaluate success factors, and consider potential opportunities. We provide a structured process to help identify the best evaluation criteria for you, collect and merge internal/external data, and develop final recommendations.

Internship program design

There are few things that complement a sound UR&R program better than to hire interns, give them a mutually-matched work assignment with good structure and support, then send them back to school. Alternatively, few things derail a good UR&R program than a poorly structured or executed intern program. Let us help you chalk one up for the good guys.

Rotational program design

Rotational or leadership development programs are an outstanding way to differentiate you from your competitors. Let us show you how to develop the critical sponsorship from senior leaders, managers and supervisors, and create the framework, program structure, guidelines, and crucial elements to make your rotational program a success.

Campus recruiting toolkit

Good UR&R programs require consistent and repeatable processes. A toolkit documents your annual campus recruitment calendar, customized roles & responsibilities, campus teams, campus plans, and a complete engagement process including on-campus, site interviews, offer, accept, report-to-work, and new hire feedback. We'll help you get organized and poised for success.

Branding & employer value proposition

Develop or refine employer branding and value proposition, which may include any or all of the following:

Employer brand audit

Survey, interview, and conduct focus groups with internal employees to understand existing perceptions about your employer brand.

Global EVP localization

Tailor your employer brand to ensure it resonates with campus students or among prospective talent in specific departments (e.g. sales, operations, corporate, etc.).

Target talent research

Survey students at key schools or professionals in new markets to identify what is important to them and what they are looking for in an employer.

Leadership validation

Ensure your brand is long standing, aligns with strategic objectives, clearly differentiates you, paints a realistic picture of what it’s like to work there, is inspirational and simple, but broad enough to appeal to different groups.

Employer brand workshop

Identify and build the key pillars of the employer brand via data-based decisions and consensus session with key stakeholders.

Brand book & roadmap

Culminate your EVP project with a full brand book and roadmap including tone, sample tag lines, and talking points to use in training recruiters and interviewers.


Customized design and delivery of training for campus teams, recruiters, managers, and supervisors

Team roles & responsibilities

Workshops tailored to your specific needs and recruitment processes. Roles may include campus teams, recruiters, executives, managers, and supervisors.

Building power relationships

Coursework designed to go beyond traditional campus recruiting events and build long-term, strategic relationships with key university stakeholders.

interview by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project


Targeted, structured, and behavioral techniques for one-on-one interviewing, either on campus or at your facilities. Designed to complement your hiring processes and may also include panel or case study interviews.

Campus ambassador program

Instruction for campus ambassador role, which is typically an intern returning to campus for final classes prior to graduation. Includes guidelines and expectations.

Training may be delivered live in your facilities or virtual (synchronously or asynchronously)

Research and analytics

Customized research providing rich quantitative and qualitative information regarding candidate, employee, and external program perspectives

Program & brand assessment

Gather data to measure the efficacy or perceptions of your UR&R program in its entirety or any section of it.
Comprehend the potential differences between your employer brand promise, brand reality, and brand awareness.

Candidate surveys

Survey candidates to measure your brand perception at different stages of the recruiting and hiring process.

Internal stakeholder surveys

Survey recent full-time hires or interns regarding recruitment process, onboarding, etc. Other stakeholders may be hiring managers to evaluate recruiting strategies and processes.

Benchmark/competitor studies

Information tailored to your specific needs across the full spectrum of UR&R including structure, process, or data. Benchmarking provides a comparative study for select companies and competitor studies provide best practices of leading companies at select schools.

External school selection

Gather recent degree completion data for targeted degree levels, majors, schools, etc.

Focus groups/interviews

Provides rich, unbiased qualitative information to complement survey data. Typically, we conduct focus groups in front of small groups on campus or at client facilities. We may conduct individual interviews on-site or via phone for participants in many locations.

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